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Welcome to iCoat Australia, iCoat concrete floor coatings are restoring flooring across Australia everyday by providing a complete floor finishing system. Our concrete floor coatings can be applied to any surface.

With iCoat teams now operating on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Sydney, Melbourne and Ballarat. We are dedicated to restoring and beautifying Australian concrete inside and outside homes, shopping centres, car dealerships, retail outlets hairdressing and mack up saloons, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and supermarkets.

Our protective and decorative permanent concrete floor coatings that can be applied over existing driveways, pathways, garage floors, tiled floors, timber floors, exposed concrete, faded, cracked or peeling epoxy and painted concrete. It’s easy to see why we are fast becoming the Australian market leased in concrete floor coatings.

iCoat Australia provide concrete floor coatings that are quick to apply and dry very fast. They are the most cost effective way to restore concrete floors, paths and surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Due to our advanced concrete floor coating technology and application techniques, our concrete floor coatings can be applied all year-round to any concrete floor in just one day.

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concrete floor coating church   restaurant bar icoat concrete coatings

iCoat Australia takes pride in offering exciting solutions in concrete floor coatings, iCoat is;

  • stronger
  • more flexible
  • non toxic
  • low voc
  • UV stabilised

All iCoat concrete coatings come with a far superior warranty than inferior epoxy coatings. Epoxy floor coatings will not last the test of time. The iCoat concrete floor coating range is far more flexible and is up to 20x stronger than epoxy floor coatings. Our concrete coatings come with a 10 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial, industrial warranty against everything.

Our concrete floor coatings provide a fast and superior, more cost effective option to brighten up any tired, ugly concrete floor surface whilst adding additional value to any home or business.

Just take a look at these before and after photos.

Before iCoat                                                                     During iCoat

Before iCoat   during new concrete coating

After iCoat

After iCoat   After iCoat Driveway Restoration and Border

iCoat Australia takes pride in providing detailed perfection in every job we install or restore, with a range of colours and floor coating finishes available you will be amazed by what we can do for you. Even the fussiest home and business owner are always amazed by the end result, “perfection”. We can provide concrete floor coatings that will give a Hollywood look to any polished concrete floor. We can create a million dollar look to any home entrance by restoring  a driveway, carport, shed, pathways or garage floor. We can restore your backyard entertaining and patio areas as well as your swimming pools and surrounds. Choose from smooth, textured, satin finishes, or create a custom finish that blends to your home, business or personality.

gloss white icoat floor coating   gloss white icoat concrete floor coating

driveway resurfacing with icoat   driveway resurfacing with icoat 2

Contact iCoat Australia today if your ready to experience the affordable beauty and difference that our concrete floor coatings can make to your home or business. To find out more about our superior concrete floors coatings  Call us 0422 668 449.

  • 4x Stronger than Epoxy coatings
  • Flexible and Impact Resistant
  • 10x Warranty of our competitors
  • Lifetime UV Warranty
  • Ready to Walk On in 2 hours
  • Cost effective and Long Life.
  • Commercial and Food Grade
  • Chemical and Slip Resistant
  • Installed in half the time of our competitors

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Drying Times

  • Walking - 2 Hours
    In as little as 2 hours after installation, you can be walking on your new floor.
  • Storing - 6 Hours
    In 6 hours, you can return shelves, furniture, and other fixtures.
  • Driving - 24 Hours
    In just 24 hours, you can drive and park vehicles on your new coating.


"May we take this opportunity to express our thanks to your Company for being very efficient and giving excellent customer service, from your office to Brad Slater, your Representative and the installation crew of Mario and Glen. Let us tell you, Mario and Glen were absolutely superb on the job and so very professional at the same time. We think whatever you guys are paying them, it probably should be more!!! Just can't praise them enough, this also goes for Brad Slater, not pushy at all, just very down to earth, honest and reliable." - Bev & Chris Draper